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The Grand Design
George Washington's Vision- One Step Beyond
George Washington's Vision-
The 3 Visions of George Washington
KGB agent describes Communist take over of America C.C.C.- America, A Christian Nation C.C.C.- George Washington's Vision C.C.C.- Who is true Israel C.C.C-. Woe unto ye fundamentalists CEDS- Newsletter #19 CEDS- Newsletter #20 CEDS- Newsletter #21 CEDS  Newsletter 23 CPDL- Intel Newsletter Oct CPDL- Intel Report - Immagration Invasion pre 1986 CPDL- Intel Report March 23, 1984  CPDL- Intel Report November 1984 CPDL- Intel Report September 1983 CPDL- Newsletter # 5- November 1982 CPDL- Newsletter #1 -June 1982 CPDL- Newsletter #2- August 1982 CPDL- Newsletter #3- Sept. 1982 CPDL- Newsletter Dec. 1983 CPDL- Organizing a civilian defense unit CPDL- Why a citizens emergency defense system February 1984 Crusade for Christ- A Warning Crusade for Christ- CD  Newsletter No. 22 Crusade for Christ- Christian Patriot Crusader November 1982 Crusade for Christ- I believe Crusade for Christ- to concerned American Christians Crusade for Christ-Christian Patriot Crusader December 1983 Crusade for Christ-Christian PatriotCrusader March 1984 Crusade for Christ-Intel Report November 23 1983